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Refrigerator Warm?

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Sweating in Fresh
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We repair and service Refrigerators of all brands.  Whatever is the Problem with your Refrigerators we are always the No 1 Appliance Repair Company in Chicago, Cook County, Will County and DuPage County Illinois!Your appliance is your investment and must be treated with extra care, ALLIED REPAIR SERVICES will always take care of your Refrigerators and other home appliances in a better way. So give us a call instead of buying a new Refrigerators and save the money for other important things in your life. We work 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK so our expert Refrigerators repair technicians are always ready to take care of your machine at any time or any day of the week.


If not repaired in time problems with your refrigerator can prove to be very costly, not only in terms of food wastage but a dysfunctional refrigerator can also cost extra in terms of electricity bills.


When does your refrigerator need service or repair?


  • If your refrigerator is too cold and freezing every thing in it.


  • If your refrigerator is making too much noise.



  • if your refrigerator is not keep the temperature cold enough.


  • If your refrigerator is leaking.


  • If your refrigerator light has stopped functioning.


  • If your unit has shut down completely.


  • If fresh food section of your refrigerator not kept at optimal temperature.


Problems with refrigerator can cost more as compared to other appliances, just because all of the food you that you can lose if it doesn't work properly.


Also take a quick look at our Refrigerator service and troubleshooting tips. These tips are effective for almost any Refrigerator brand. We will still advise you to consult with ALLIED REPAIR SERVICES expert technician first.


  • Regularly check the condenser coils to ensure that your refrigerator is always cooling properly. These coils are located on the rear of the box, they should not back up against the wall and therefore should remain several inches away from the wall.


  • You will have to replace the thermostat if your freezer seems too warm as it may be a result of a defective defrost thermostat.


Refrigerator Warm?


  • Check if your Refrigerator is plugged in.


  • Check if there is any voltage at outlet by measure the voltage at the outlet that is usually 120v. Also remember to check the circuit breaker, may be it got tripped.


  • Remove excess lint that built up on condenser with the help of condenser brush or vacuum cleaner.


  • Check if Condenser fan motor is not running underneath. Try to start it by hand. You must replace even if it started running when you started it off by hand. 


  • Check if Evaporator fan motor is running or not. If you can hear the fan motor running after opening your freezer, on some models you may also need to hold down the door switch for the fan to run. If you can not hear it then you may need to replace the fan motor.


  • Burned out defrost heater in freezer. Run continuity test on both ends of heater or energize heater and run amperage test. Defrost problems are usually indicated by excess buildup of frost on back wall or bottom of freezer compartment.


  • Check if Compressor is not starting and just making tries with a noise like hummm... Consult a refrigerator repair expert.


Refrigerator is not Cold Enough?


  • Complete the above mentioned warm checks.


  • Replace the light if it stays on inside freezer compartment.


  • Check if refrigerator door is closing properly and there is no obstacle.


Sweating in Fresh Food Compartment?


  • Check for tight seal if it is properly sealed all the way around when the door is closed.


  • Check if refrigerator door is closing properly and there is no obstacle.


Excessive Frosting in Freezer?


  • Check if defrosting system is working properly. If it is not then there may be a problem in defrost timer, defrost thermostat or defrost heater so contact ALLIED REPAIR SERVICES expert Technician.


  • Check if evaporator fan motor is running by opening freezer door and see if you hear the fan motor running, on some models you may also need to hold down the door switch for the fan to run. If you can not hear it then you may need to replace the fan motor. Refrigerator Leaks Water