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Portable Air Conditioner Repair and Service

We repair and service all Portable Air Conditioner brands.  Whatever is the Problem with your Portable Air Conditioner we are always the No 1 Appliance Repair Company in Chicago, Cook County, Will County and DuPage County Illinois! Your appliance is your investment and must be treated with extra care, ALLIED REPAIR SERVICES will always take care of your Portable Air Conditioner and other home appliances in a better way. So give us a call instead of buying a new Portable AC and save the money for other important things in your life. We work 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK so our expert Portable AC repair technicians are always ready to take care of your machine at any time or any day of the week.

Also take a quick look at our Portable AC service troubleshooting tips. These tips are effective for almost any Portable AC brand. We will still advise you to consult with ALLIED REPAIR SERVICES expert technician first.

1. If the unit is not running then please confirm that the wall plug is inserted properly and circuit breaker is not tripped.  Sometimes simply the power is off. If everything is fine with power then it may be a bad thermostat that should only be fixed by a professional technician.

2. If the air blown out is not cool, first remove the grill and consider cleaning the filter.  Take an old toothbrush and scrub the evaporator or condenser coils to clean out any clogs, you can also do it by vacuuming. If this does not work and air is still warm then most chances are that compressor is bad, call an ALLIED REPAIR SERVICES expert technician.

3. If the unit is not blowing air then most chances are that the fan motor is blown, call an ALLIED REPAIR SERVICES expert technician.

4. Always fix your machine leaks by unclogging the drain with a screwdriver.

5. Always clean dirty air filters in order to prevent ice buildup on coils. Other way of defrosting the the coil is by turning the unit to the fan position and let it run until the ice melts from coils.

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