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We provide Expert Repair, Service & Installation on All makes and Models of home and commercial Appliances.


Why choose us instead of any other appliance repair company in the region.


We provide Appliance Repair Service in 25 Miles radius of Chicago City IL. Please call us to confirm.

We offer all kinds of new Installation or compatible parts installlation of  all brands.

Replacing your appliances can be very costly. Repairs can also be expensive some times, but we promise that we will always give you a sincere advise, so you need a company that you can trust. We strive hard to give you a  high-quality service at a price you can afford.  To avoid additional repairs we use only the best appliance parts and take the extra care to install everything correctly.


We always use Genuine Factory Parts and We have a team of Highly Trained Technicians.

We offer Special Discount in different times.

We work 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a week and we do not even charge extra for night repairs.

If during the period of Ninety (90) days from the date of original invoice we observe that the part we installed is defective ALLIED REPAIR SERVICES LLC. will redo the entire job WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CHARGE. Please note that Freon is not guaranteed until and unless we had located and repaired a leak.